From the Peace Corps Nominee Online Toolkit:

During nomination, you have two primary tasks: following up on information requests, and waiting for a response.

June 23, 2005: I submitted my Peace Corps application online.
July 2005: I recieved a packet of stuff to do before my interview: information sheets on positions I was interested in, finger print forms for the FBI background check, and a health questionaire.
August 2, 2005: I had my Peace Corps interview. Even though I wasn’t qualified, my recruiter said she was going to try and get me a NGO nomination in Eastern Europe.
August 5, 2005: I hadn’t heard from my recruiter, and she said that the NGO position was a no-go. I recieved a nomination for Community Development in the Pacific Islands.
Late August: I recieved my Medical Approval forms.
January 5, 2006: I had my physical. I had to come back for TB results (two days later) and a pap smear. (See the link for a detailed account of almost fainting.)
January 10, 2006: Back to the doctor. I recieved my blood test results and got my pap smear.
January 14, 2005: Eye doctor. Check-up and new lenses in two pairs of old frames costed way more than the $12 Peace Corps reimburses for the check-up and two pairs of glasses.
January 24, 2006: Dentist time. I pick up forms from the doctor’s office and discover that a signature was missing.
January 25, 2006: I mailed my medical packet.
February 7, 2006: I called the Peace Corps to see if they had received my medical packet. Yes, it was received just that day. A friend once worked in the post office on an Army base in South Korea. From what he told me and my experience with the PC, it seems like all government post offices run the same.
February 8, 2006: I received dental clearance.
February 12, 2006: Boredom led me to check out my online toolkit for kicks. I noticed that it said, “Last status change: February 11, 2006.” Wait, that was yesterday. I had been medically cleared. This clearance happened very fast. However, I did not have any additional forms to fill out and checked “no” on all the past conditions boxes. Thank you healthy body. I do not do enough for you.
February 16, 2006: I received an email from my Placement Assistant (PA) asking for an updated resume. On February 21st, after a couple of information exchanges with my PA (including the re-submission of an essay), she said that my Placement Officer (PO) should be in contact “soon.”
April 10, 2006: After a call to my PO to check on the status of my nomination, I receive a call from a different PO with an offer for a Health Program leaving on June 3rd for Asia. We decided that this program was a much better fit than my original assignment. I told her is was possible for me to leave that soon. She said that a Fed-Ex with my invitation should arrive by Thursday.
April 12, 2006: A Fed-Ex truck delivers an invite to Mongolia! The packet of information has pamphlet about my assignment, a CD-ROM about Mongolia and PC, a volunteer handbook, and paperwork. I need to get a no-fee PC Passport, apply for a Visa, write an aspiration statement and update my resume.

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