Posted by: soupysays | November 4, 2008

an election story

January 2008 – As I sat in an airport going back to Mongolia after my America visit, I overheard political pundits discussing Clinton’s cry before the New Hampshire primaries. After arriving in Mongolia, I took a trip up north to visit a fellow Peace Corps volunteer. Sitting in a car in -40F, waiting for the driver, the Mongolian man sitting next to me listed the major Presidential candidates, “McCain, Obama, Clin-ton.”

Spring 2008 – During the Obama and Clinton showdown, I had to explain to more than a few friends that the Presidential Election wasn’t until November. Of course, there was some confusion. “What’s happening now?”

August 2008 – In a bar in St. Petersburg, I explained my support of Obama over Clinton to two students – one Dutch and one Polish.

Mongolians, Polish, and many others know more about our primaries than Americans know about foreign countries. Yes, our election is a big deal.

Tomorrow, kids, tomorrow.

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