Posted by: soupysays | August 27, 2008


I have not forgotten my blog. Really.

I am currently couchsurfing in Budapest. After 5 weeks of buses and trains, I’ll get on a plane for Dublin tomorrow evening. After a quick beer run in the land of Guniess, I spend Labor Day weekend in NYC. I get to Denver, CO at 10:45pm on Sept. 1st and just make it home in time to wish my brother a happy 23nd birthday.

Currently, my mind is a bit of mess of languages and cultures. It’s hard to comprehend that tomorrow I’ll be back in a country where everything around me will be English (although with accents!). I’m excited to be back in the US. I’m looking forward to meeting with family and friends. However, I’m a bit nervous going from vacation mode to “find job and adjust to American culture” mode.

Leaving Mongolia was hard. Like crying even. Hopefully I can sum up that experience into words. I’ve been trying, but it’s hard. Not crying hard. I’m not a baby.

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