Posted by: soupysays | March 3, 2008

another reason to travel light

America’s Worst Airline Will Charge $25 to Lose Your Bag: Tim Leffel’s Cheapest Destinations Blog

Travelers reacted with annoyance and anger earlier when United announced that it was going to start charging $25 to check a second bag, but at least with United you stand a good chance of your bag actually showing up at your destination. Now USAirways is following suit.

ugh. I’m glad that I hauled a huge suitcase full of Mongolia items back to America this past winter. I flew both of those airlines on my recent visit.

Note to USAir: You are feeding passengers again. Cut this expense. I only had a 3 hour flight; I could have lived. If I hadn’t just come from Mongolia, I probably wouldn’t have been that excited about it.

Additional Note to USAir: Even though my flight was delayed and I almost missed my connection, Daddy Day Camp playing on the screen above me was the most painful part of my USAir experience.

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