Posted by: soupysays | November 27, 2007

Holiday Eating Season

Mongolian Peace Corps Volunteer’s waistlines are subject to an extra long holiday eating binge. We still celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas by making stuffing, cookies, pies, and cooking chickens that we have slaughtered ourselves*. Then comes New Year’s. This is a big holiday in Mongolia. Every Mongolian workplace has their own party which includes eating, drinking, dancing and Russian champagne. In the beginning of February is Tsaagan Sar, the Lunar New Year. That holiday is marked by 3 – 7 days of endless meat dumplings, dairy products and vodka.

This year my holiday eating has gotten off to a fantastic start. First I celebrated Thanksgiving with my co-workers with a Thanksgiving pot luck. I brought pizza, and my co-workers all put their money together to buy boiled meat.

The Hovd volunteers celebrated Thanksgiving this past weekend. Besides having chicken instead of turkey, we managed to perfectly re-create American holiday food.

And in two and half weeks, I’m going to spend three weeks eating Tex-Mex, sandwiches, dark green vegetables, ham, turkey, and every other traditional Christmas food. Oh, and enjoying drinking coffee and quality beer.

Yes, I’m coming to America.

I decided to come to the land of supermarkets, fountain drinks and infrastructure for a few weeks of long underwear-less vacation.

Here is my schedule:

Phoenix: Dec 16 – 20
San Antonio: Dec 20 – 25
Houston: Dec 25 – 27
San Antonio: Dec 27 – 31
Phoenix: Dec 31 – Jan 7

Yeah, that’s a bit of travel, but I doomed myself to it by visiting my family over the holidays. However, I’m flying between AZ and TX which is a lot nicer than my family’s traditional CO to TX drive.

Please let me know if you will be in those places while I am. I’d love for you to take me out for dinner or a beer. :)

Sorry if our paths will not cross during my short stint back in the homeland, but the ones I care about have done an excellent job of spreading out all over the place (says the woman that lives in Mongolia). We can meet up next year.

*Actually, the chicken thing is only a Thanksgiving tradition out where I live. And this tradition was started last year by me.


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