Posted by: soupysays | September 27, 2007


Thanks to All Mongolian Recipes, I bring you “Mongolian Food that I have Eaten in the Past Year.” To find out more about the food (and how to make it!) click on the link. I have ordered these items from tastiest to least tastiest. Well, in my opinion, of course.

* Khorkhog – real Mongolian BBQ
* Tarag– Mongolian yogurt
* Tsuvian– homemade noodle dish
* Suutei tsai– milk tea
* Gambir– fry bread
* Budaatai Khuurga– rice dish
* Khailmag– caramelized clotted cream
* Khuushuur– fried meat filled pockets
* Chansan Makh-boiled meat and innards (Note: I enjoy the meat much more than the innards.)
* Boortsog– fried bread snack
* Guriltai shul– noodle soup
* Buuz– steamed meat filled pockets
* Bansh– small boiled meat filled pockets
* Aruul– dried curds
* Byaslag– Mongolian cheese
* Mongol Arkhi– milk liquor
* Ayrag– fermented mare’s milk
* Urum– clotted cream
* Banshtai tsai– milk tea with bansh
* Bantan– flour meat soup
* Uuz– mutton back (with lots o’ fat)
* Ul boov– hard holiday sweet bread
* Arkhi– vodka

So, there ya go. Just a taste of my Mongolian culinary experience, but trust me, in order to really experience this stuff, you have to eat it yourself.

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