Posted by: soupysays | August 4, 2007

book 7

Before the Pre-Service Training crew left Sukhbaatar for Darkhan, we stopped at a trainee’s home to tell the host family about an event later that week. The trainee poked his head into the mikr, “I have the 5 latest issues of The Economist. Anyone want them?” Doug jumped out to retrieve them and came back a few minutes later.  Brody noticed the lack of magazines when he returned, “You only got one?” “Yes,” Doug replied because Soloman lent me-” he removed the magazine to hand to Brody and revealed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows underneath. I yelled, jumped out of my seat, and almost tackled the book. Doug shielded it with his body and explained, “I have to give it back to him next week.” Bouncing in the car seat I chant, “Read it fast! Read it fast!” “Stop yelling,” Brody chimes in from the back seat, “I have never read a Harry P-” I wave my hand toward him, “I don’t care!” and clap quickly, like a small child, unable to contain the excitement over such an amazing surprise.

Doug and I both read the book in less than 5 days.

Now, I better be able to find a bootleg copy of Movie 5 when I go to UB.


  1. Lol, funny anecdote :) We all get crazy about HP .

  2. I can totally see you going crazy.

    Looks like I am moving again after just getting out of downtown area. Life has been a bit crazy. I probably need to get you caught up on the new developments.

    Time to refill my phone card!

    Miss you so much!

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