Posted by: soupysays | May 23, 2007


I’m currently sitting in the Peace Corps volunteer lounge getting some computer business done before I meet a couple friends for breakfast.

 I came to UB on Monday for my mid-service medical exam. I’m healthy, and somehow, in this country with its plethora of candy and sugared drinks, I escaped with no cavities.

 I’m heading today to Bagakhangai to assist a volunteer with his training of trainers for a health project. I and another volunteer will run sessions on family planning and effective presentation skills. Bagakhangai is technically a district of UB. However, it is about two hours outside of UB and seems to govern itself completely independently of the capital. I’ve been told that we are riding camels today. I’ve lived here for almost a year, and I have yet to ride any animal. (Although, Mongolians have inisted that I sit upon various horses so I can have my photo taken. That does not count as riding.)

As always, UB is relaxing and exhausting at the same time. All of the M17s are having medical check-ups at the same time. There is lots of eating, hanging out, and some dancing for good measure. Thus far, I have consumed two bananas, chinese food, korean food, and more vegetables than I ususally eat in a week. I have yet to eat a sandwich, but my visit isn’t over yet.

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