Posted by: soupysays | October 22, 2006



Originally uploaded by mmgoodsoup.

Mongolian language lesson: How Timmy from South Park says his name is how the Mongolian word for camel is pronounced.

And yes, I am long over due for a blog update. I do have Internet at site (I check my email at least once a week), but I have been lazy about posting. I have lots to say, and hopefully I will sort through everything soon.

And no, I have not ridden a camel…yet.

PS Due to s…l…o…w Internet in Hovd, I can only upload photos when I’m in the capital, Ulaanbaatar. And that’s only once every few months. I had planned on uploading more photos this trip, but I discovered my flickr pro-account expired. I have a friend setting up a ftp server for me which I’ll access in Dec when I’m back in the “big” city.

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