Posted by: soupysays | August 12, 2006

Training winds to a close

Sorry about the lack of updates. I have been getting online, but I have been lazy about posting. I have a couple of almost completed entries on my computer, and I hope to get them online. According to volunteers, I will have down time at my site, and I will polish them up them (if not before).

Tomorrow marks my last day with my host family. On Monday I will travel to Darkhan and meet with the other 55 people of my training group. On Wed. we will find out where will be living, and on Sat we become official Peace Corps Volunteers. I am looking forward to spending a week with my training group. If the last time we were in Darkhan was any indicator, it will be…well…I want to say memorable, but for some, the memories didn’t last until morning.

Today, my training group, our parents, and language teachers went to the country side for a picnic. We ate tons, played games, and sang. The Americans tried to think of songs will all knewbut well, there weren’t too many. During the football (er, soccer) game, Michelle ran towards my host dad, the goalie, with the ball and my dad took off his shoes and throw them at her. My dad, who outweighs Michelle three times, resorted to middle school fight move. During the game I took a fall after trying to get the ball from Melinda’s dad. We also had a women’s arm wrestling tournament. The American women lost. There is no way we could compete aganist the arms of a person that chops wood all year. It was a great way to end the summer.

I’m really like living up here: hiking, trees, river lots of gardens, and the train. It kind of sucks to take off because I’m just getting to know the drivers, shopkeepers and some people around town. There is a rumor that a health person will be living in the town center, so, perhaps I will get the chance to explore the area some more.

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