Posted by: soupysays | April 24, 2006

bizarre bit of mongolia trivia

From a May 3, 1998 Washington Post Article by Barton Gellman,“‘Impressed’ Albright Gets a Taste of the New Mongolia”

A country mad about horse racing, archery and wrestling turned out to be fertile ground for Newt Gingrich’s “Contract With America” during the 1996 election here.

The International Republican Institute, an arm of the congressionally financed National Endowment for Democracy, brought the authors to Ulan Bator to help draft a “Contract With the Mongolian People” for the leaders of the Democratic Union, the governing coalition.

The contract called for private property rights, a free press and foreign investment, and its printing of 350,000 copies made it the most widely distributed document in Mongolian history.

The Democratic Party in Monoglia only held power between 1996 to 2000. The ex-communist party, Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party, has controlled the government before 1996 (since the pull out by the Russians) and since 2000.

From a Winter 2002/2003 issue of The Mongolia Times

The rush by Mongolian democrats to embrace the free market has caused US conservatives to see this country of steppes, taiga and desert, as the bright shining light of developing-world capitalism. The International Republican Institute, the Republican wing of the National Endowment for Democracy in Washington, has an office in Ulan Bator to train local politicians. With their encouragement, the young democratic reformers have launched a sweeping privatisation programme – though it has since stalled – and introduced a bill for a 30 per cent flat tax, the dream of US Republicans such as Steve Forbes.

Officials from the Soros Foundation, the International Monetary Fund, the Asia Foundation, the Asian Development Bank, USAID, the World Bank and other international organisations have descended on Mongolia to nurse it through shock therapy. The prognosis is mixed. A recent USAID report suggested that financial sector aid programmes might actually be hindering modernisation as they have helped bankrupt banks to find ways to stay afloat.


  1. this is enchanting.

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