Posted by: soupysays | April 19, 2006

internet, you are an interesting beast

Blogs. Some good ones can be found. Many are bad, and most are just ugly.

I’m a blog reader. Since applying to the Peace Corps, I have read many different accounts of many different experiences of volunteers all over the world. When I thought I was headed to East Timor (and then when it became Mongolia) I immediately searched for volunteer blogs from these regions.* Others have done the same with my blog. I know this because Kate contacted me. Thanks to my blog, Kate discovered we were nominated for the same program.

Since my Monoglia invite, I have read the fantastic neweurasia mongolia blog. Today, the author, Luke found my blog and left a comment on my previous post. Neat!

* Did you know that Ewan McGregor adopted a Mongolian child? Well, I do. A few days ago this topic came up many times in my search of the key word “Mongolia.” (If you were curious, many fans think this proves that Ewan is a wonderful person.)


  1. If you leave without coming to see me you will be in deep shit Why you ask? Because you live about 1.5 hours from me, have been back in CO for, oh, ever, and have yet to make it up to FoCo because of your oh so demanding “job”. (A little bitter). Miss you.

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