Posted by: soupysays | April 11, 2006

interesting day

Today marks two months since my Peace Corps medical clearance.

Yesterday, I called my Placement Officer to see what was going on with my assignment. He said that it was his last program he was sending invites for, and that the others were leaving before mine. He looked at my file and noted experiences with various feminist groups, “That’s fine in the US, but are your prepared to be in a situation with severe gender inequality and not being able to speak out against it?”
I said yes.
He asked me if I had any tutoring experience or any real work in agriculture.
I said no.
“How would you feel doing a health extension assignment?”
I told him that it was one of the programs that I was originally interested in.
“One of your preferred regions is Asia. Is there any specific region in Asia you are interested in?”
“Would you be able to leave at the beginning of June?”
Uhm, what? I told him it would be possible, but I would prefer July.
“I might pass your file along to one of my colleagues. If I do, you will hear from them.”

I went to work. On my lunch break, I checked my voicemail.
I had a message from a new Placement Officer.
I called her back. Amazingly, she was still in the office at 6pm DC time. She told me more about the new assignment. It is a Health Extension Assignment involving HIV/AIDS and includes life skills teaching (sex ed etc). She and my original Placement Officer think it is a much better fit than my original assignment. I think so too. According to the Placement Officers, my original assignment had a strong agriculture focus. I don’t remember that fact from my interview.
“With your experience with the Rape Crisis Center and Planned Parenthood, we think you are better suited for this assignment. Technically, you are qualified for your original assignment, but you don’t have to skills to back it up.”
I like to eat vegetables, but that’s really all I know about them.
We decided that she should go ahead and send me the invitation. It is being sent my Fed-Ex, and I should receive it Thursday. I am receiving my invite via Fed-Ex because the assignment leaves June 3rd.

So. Yeah. This assignment sounds like me. Not only do I have work experience to back it up, it is a subject that I have been passionate about for a long time. My mom has been a gardener her whole life, and I still don’t know much about plants.

After I hung up, I walked to Best Buy and bought Matt Nathanson’s At the Point. I sat in my car and listened to “Church Clothes.” After that, I went back to work.

I am still in a state of shock.

Oh, and after a quick and dirty Internet search, my money is on Mongolia.


  1. I’m so excited for you I could burst.

  2. wow! rock.

    and i wanted to go back to mongolia… ;)

  3. Cool! I’m excited for you. June 3rd will be here before you know it! :)

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