Posted by: soupysays | March 26, 2006

small town America still lives

20 minutes south-east of Parker lies Elizabeth. On the map on Elizabeth town’s webpage, The Pinery, a subdivison of Parker is on the map but not Elizabeth. So, it’s small.*

The Chamber of Commerce of Elizabeth is hosting a prom dress fashion show. A woman putting on the show is looking for used prom dresses which they will sale, and the money will go to local charities. I have a prom dress that has sat in my closet since Junior (which I wore to my HS theatre awards). I called about donating the dress.

Actual excerpts from the phone conversation

Do you know where the Chamber of Commerce is? Well, we are right off of 86, as you enter the town. It’s parking lot is paved, and the one filled with cars all day.

Well, I have some chocolates from our chocolate factory here that I bought just for people coming from Parker to donate a dress. Have you ever been to our chocolate factory? Well, after you try one of these chocolates, you will go check it out.

*But for some reason Elizabeth’s Post Office has passport services.

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