Posted by: soupysays | March 23, 2006

self discovery part 23423252

I’m good at my job. Why lie? I am. And on most days I am in a good mood coming and going. Not everyone can say that.
I grew up living in the suburbs. I grew up going to chain restaurants, and I grew up driving 15 – 30 minutes to get anywhere. Earlier this month I actually suggested eating at Chili’s, excuse me? Driving 45 minutes to my closest friend doesn’t seem that far anymore.

However, the spark that grew during the last few years of my life isn’t there much. My last year in college I had people describe me has “a passionate person.” This is one of the best compliments I have ever received. (Last year a few people also described me as “genuine” which was pretty awesome too.) Well, that passion that I have for the little things doesn’t surface as much as it soon. My attention to current events has taken a bit of a dive. I discovered that my attention to it increases when I am surrounded by others that do (duh). I like being informed. I prefer “The Daily Show” to be a summarization of headlines instead of my primary source.

When I visited San Antonio in October, I ran into a sophomore that told me, “I took your advice!”
I thought, “Oh, did I give her a suggestion concerning a instructor, a class or a way to circumvent red tape?”
She said, “I went to Mad Hatters, and it was great! Do you have any more restaurant suggestion?” She quickly got out a piece of paper to jot down my list. I’m sorry, chain restaurants, you’ve got nothing on a great local joint.

Especially during senior year, my heterosexual life partner (or best friend) became the information source on cool stuff to do in San Antonio. (Or, there is life outside The Quarry.) Have you been to cute shoe place on Broadway? What about the Bubble Tea place on Old Austin Hwy? If you make friends with the cute Thai lady, you’ll get some free samples. Oh, if you haven’t been to Taco Taco, you haven’t lived. No matter how hard I try, I don’t think I’ll ever feel the same way about Texas Roadhouse as I do about W.D Deli.

When my good friend Aaron visited earlier this month we spent 3 hours at the Flying Dog Brewery. One hour was spent on the tour and two hours were spent chatting with the nice staff woman that also gave the free taste tests. Then stumbled down to the Tattered Cover and looked through books and magazines until Denver. That’s me, a drunk nerd. Wait, what?

Time makes living in a lifestyle I dreaded returning to easier, but I know isn’t me. Screw culture shock. Drop me in the middle of an urban lifestyle as soon as I get back. I need it.



  1. GET OUT NOW!!!


  2. Stacey, I have no doubt from reading about the things you have passion for and the things you are really going to do with your life, that this little sidebar on your journey will all be okay… All of those people are correct, you know — you definitely scream REAL PERSON to me. That’s good stuff. And not in that boring sort of way some people may mean… I mean you seem to be True to You.

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