Posted by: soupysays | March 12, 2006

God Bless the Web

I first discovered the website Cockeyed via the author’s expose of those “work from home” signs you see everywhere.

I kept coming back to read about his fabulous, simply fabulous pranks.

And the the tipping of the 1987 Acura Integra is just awesome.

You could spend hours exploring his site.

Now this gem. Rob, the author, discovered that you can actually receive a credit card by sending in a taped-up application with a cell phone number, and then have the card mailed to a different address.*

Rob’s site is beauty of the web. Of course, with this beauty, there is also Bee Dogs, but I guess sometimes you have enough beauty and just need dogs in bee costumes.

*Oh, and do you think that sales people actually look at your signature on the receipt and/or credit card? Think again.


  1. ooh, this is excellent.

  2. Fantastic! And it’s so true (the checking of the credit cards) ! I know I see it every day (it’s actually sad that I see this every day but there it is). I have a friend who on the back of his card wrote “Stolen Card…Priceless” and still no one checks. As a cashier, I check IDs and make sure the NAMES match, I don’t care about signatures.

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