Posted by: soupysays | February 26, 2006

space for rent

It is always interesting when you google. You almost always find something interesting that you weren’t even looking for.

TwentySomething: Strategic Planning and Market Research

TWENTYSOMETHING™ Inc. is a prestigious, world-renowned marketing/strategy consultancy that uniquely bridges corporate goals with the realities of today’s young adults.

And here are the categories for the demographic they will help companies reach:

Generation Y · Generation X · Teenagers · College Students · Adultolescents · Urban Youth
Millenials · Boomerangs · First-Jobbers · Young Professionals · Emerging Market · Newlyweds

Hm. Am I Generation Y or a Millenial? I know I am a Boomerang. And a First-Jobber.

This reminds me of a Frontline episode that I think is required viewing for every COM major: The Merchants of Cool. Poke around the TwentySomething webside. Then watch the Frontline episode (the entire program is online).

Class dismissed.


  1. First off, I loved the Merchants of Cool, athough I had to see it in multiple classes. What a shame too to … just give me an excuse to watch Britney Spears take off her clothes at the MTV Video Music Awards, which I just watched again btw because you pointed out the video is available online!

    I think it is crazy that I belong to multiple generations: Generation X, MTV Generation, and Boomerang Generation. Riddle me that wikipedia?!

    Most importantly however, nice post!!

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