Posted by: soupysays | February 23, 2006

Mommy Wars Bullshit

This is frustrating.

I watched Thursday’s piece, and there was no mention of the father’s role. none. Even the mom that worked, she talked about needing to take time off from work take care of the kids when sick. Did the husband ever do this? Was there even a discussion on which spouse should stay at home? What about the dads that do stay at home? Are they letting their education and training go to waste? Hopefully I can write a proper response at some point. Well, a proper response would include academic references to many sociology articles, and that’s probably not going to happen.

Hell, when I read this interview, I wanted to pull my hair out because everything O’Beirne said, I could counter with an academic study. Actually, I could have done it just using the articles in a book from my Sociology of Sex Roles class.

Oh, the best quote from the piece

Not all women have the choice. Those without the means must stay in the work force while raising their children.

“It’s still a matter of choice,” Fuhrman said. “You choose between having cable TV in your house or the latest iPod.”

How detached from the reality of most Americans is this woman? Fuck, most citizens of the world? Of course this whole “debate” focuses families that can afford to have someone stay at home.

And GMA, what are your motives really? I have no hard data on your demographics, but who is home and can sit and watch your program? Was the whole point of this to have some woman tell your audience, “You are stupid because you stay at home?”

Oh, and I’m not saying that there isn’t tension between Stay-at-Home and Workforce Moms. I have the study to back that up too. (From that same book) :p

Wow. What a messy post.

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