Posted by: soupysays | February 17, 2006

another very small update

I got an email from Peace Corps today

Greetings from the Placement Office of Peace Corps in Washington. You were medically qualified for service a week or so ago, and I am now reviewing your file for placement. Overall your file looks great, I just found one problem. For some reason I only have your Cross Cultural Essay, not your Motivational Statement. I contacted your recruiter, Jennifer L. Marciniak, and she doesn’t have an extra copy, unfortunately. Is there any way you can forward me the essay?

Done. I looked over my easy before submitting (doesn’t everyone wish they could do “one more edit?” because when I wrote the application essays in June, it was like pulling teeth. I just graduated, and the last thing I wanted to do was to write essays. But after looking over it some 7 months after writing it, I think it is pretty good, and that reference to Ben Folds Five, “Army” does work thankyouverymuch.

Monday’s Presidents’ Day so there should be no activity until Tuesday (at the earliest).

I restarted the GRE studying this morning. That will not happen again tomorrow morning because I have to be at work for an all-store meeting at 7:30AM.

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