Posted by: soupysays | February 16, 2006


  • The great thing about the Internet is the abundence of information available.
  • The bad thing about the Internet is the abudence of information available.

Back in the fall, I didn’t think about Peace Corps that much. It was still far away, and I had my Asian adventures to look forward to. Not anymore. While I have fun adventures between now and then, the main thing is Peace Corps. The recent activity with my file hasn’t helped any either. After lots of poking around on the Internet, my prediction is that if I receive an invitation for my current nomination, then I am going to East Timor.

Thank God that I have 6 days of work on the horizon. Something to do besides sit here and digest all this information. I also really, really need to get my rear in gear on the GRE. I realized today that the closer I get to the Peace Corps, the less I am going to want to take it. (And right now it is not really high on the list of things I want to do.) At this point, I am also very happy that I am not in school right now. If I was, I don’t know how I’d be able to concentrate on anything.


  1. You are lucky you’re not in school. It’s ridiculous how hard it is to focus on things, especially with a constant connection to the internet. I almost long for the “old days” of slow internet and the constant fear a dropped connection. Almost. I have gotten to the point of taking out my wi-fi card when I need to get work done.

    What makes you think East Timor?

  2. I think East Timor because last year Community Development volunteers left in July. July is my leave month. On another website, a current East Timor volunteer said that Community Development people are coming this summer. According to an offical leave date catalog put together by a Peace Corps yahoo group, Samoa’s Community Development program leaves in August. And according to the Peace Corps website, Samoa and East Timor are the only two countries that have a Community Development program sans youth. (I am not qualified to do Youth Development.)

    But really, who knows?

  3. Wow. You have certainly been busy! Thanks!

  4. According to Wikipedia:

    East Timor is the poorest country in the world, with a per capita GDP (Purchasing Power Parity adjusted) of only $400 (which corresponds to the 192nd, and last, position).

  5. wow. your opening bullet… was a prompt on the MCAT. Creepy. But.. good work on the internet searching.

  6. Beth – Uhm. yeah. I’m offically freaked out.

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