Posted by: soupysays | February 16, 2006

a little closer

I received an email request to update my resume from a Peace Corps Placement Assistant today. Since my interview was back in August, it hadn’t been updated since then.

Yesterday I called my recruiter and got my Placement Officer’s phone number. I called yesterday to say hello, and it was obvious that he hadn’t looked at my file yet. Today (before I checked my email), I called again because I forgot to ask, “Is there anything constructive I can do?” He looked at my file and said that, “I’m pretty well rounded,” but if it is possible, to try and get some gardening or environmental experience. He then added, “However, I do know that it is not the best time of year where you live to do this.” Very true. It snowed last night.

However, I checked out some classes that the local nursery offers, and I found a free “Organic Gardening and Composting” class. Score! Of course, I included this in today’s resume update email.

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