Posted by: soupysays | February 13, 2006

i just did a dance.

I am medically cleared for the Peace Corps. I love my healthiness.

Now it is time for even more waiting, but I am one huge step closer to the end.

Also, I discovered that one of my co-workers is Samoan. She married a Peace Corps volunteer in the 60s and moved to the states with him. I also found out that if the islanders aren’t swimming, you shouldn’t either. A recent volunteer learned this the hard way.

Edit: Ok, I just found out that a woman (whom I’ve been in contact through the yahoo groups peacecorps2) has been mailed an invite. Why do I care? Well, she has been nominated for the same month and region as me. Does this mean that mine is that far behind? gah.

Update (2/16): The woman who was nominated for the Pacific received an invitation for Africa.


  1. I am considering “encouraging” a skiing accident that is not too serious but would keep you in the states so that you would need to come down to the Mayo clinic and chill with me in Phoenix for a while, long enough so that you can’t go to the peace core and decide that the AZ life is just better.

    Okay Aaron, get a grip. She will be leaving and you need to deal with it!

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