Posted by: soupysays | January 27, 2006


Yesterday I mailed my medical forms to the Peace Corps and started a new job.

My medical labs got in over a week ago, but I ended up needing a dental appointment because one of the required check-ups hadn’t been done since 2004. After my dentist visit, I swung by the doctor’s to pick up my forms, but I discovered that one page hadn’t been signed. I had to wait until the next morning for this signature to be completed. Every form gave me a clean bill of health. I am a healthy girl. It seems that the only way I wouldn’t get medically cleared is that something in the paperwork got messed up. I hope that is not the case.

As for work, I’m back in retail. I needed something that I wouldn’t feel like a total jerk quitting 5 – 6 months later. It’s my first time working in clothing, and it is my first time not on the cash register. It’s my most mindless job to date, but I’m not going to face customer check-out-line-wrath. Although I am working for another mega-corporation, so far, this one seems to be pretty low on the evil scale. The employee benefits are pretty nice (more so if you stick around long term), and they actually believe in good customer service. All this means I am not working for another Best Buy, and that, I refuse to do ever again.


  1. I hope you enjoyed you first day at work. Those retail jobs are killer on the feet. Make sure you wear some good shoes.

    My sister just accepted the job in C-bus. She is so excited to be going back to Ohio, which make me very sad because I might not get to see her for just as long as it is going to be not seeing both you and Katy ~ AHHH! I guess the job is more long term that I though, year or longer.

    Is this world conspiring to take all my friends away! Grrrr ::: shakes fist in air :::

    At least we will have March!

  2. yay for jobs you can quit!


  3. So where exactly are you working? We got to harass Beth at King Scoopers, so it could be time that we harass you at….

  4. Yes.. Kate and I will harass you. Congrats on the job and the clearance and such!

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